Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekly Goals

I really hate starting out a Monday exhausted. Like really hate it. I wanted to be in bed at 8:00 p.m. but last night had other plans for me. So instead I am rocking an exhaustion headache. Being tired just comes with the list of complaints, groggy, loss of appetite, blurry vision, headaches, lack of motivation and I tend to grind my teeth more. Really, sleep is important with PCOS and even when you don't have PCOS *sigh* 

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I had a really great weekend though. Spent some time running after a toddler and was super proud of myself for keeping up. One of my goals is to be able to keep up with a kid if I ever get approved to become a foster parent, I want to run and play. So this weekend as I was climbing monkey bars and running around, I felt proud that I was able to keep up. I was so sore that evening but I kept up all that day!! NSV right there. Also I had a really stressful end to my Sunday and to think two years ago, if I would have been stressed, I would have sat on my front porch smoking cigarette after cigarette. Instead I put my headphones in and worked out so hard that sweat was dripping down my face on to my floor. I didn't want to stop even though every inch of my leg muscles were burning. When I was done I threw some chicken in the oven to bake and crawled into a nice hot bath. Now that is a MUCH better way to handle the stress in my opinion!!

I decided to step on the scale this weekend to see what was happening there and only 2 pounds down. Am I allowed to chuck my damn scale out the freaking window?? It made me want to curse at everything, damn PCOS, damn scale, damn carbs.

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So I sat down and really took a look at what I have been eating. I get it, I still have some cleaning up to do. There are still deserts sneaking in and I tend to lose control on the weekends. So time to get a little more strict on my eating plan as well as my work outs.

This week I laid out a shopping list, dinners are only proteins with a vegetable. Lunches will be grilled vegetables with kibosh sausage. Breakfast will be overnight oats. Snacks will be olives, snap peas and one Kind bar. If I want desert, I will get an Oikos yogurt that only has 18 grams of carbs in it. No soda. No pizza. No ice cream. None of it. Let's see if we can get that scale to budge a little more this week.

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I have been doing actually pretty good on my workouts. But if I am going to do a mud run in less then two months, I want to up my endurance when it comes to cardio. I can lift weights for days, but I need to work on my cardio endurance a little more. So I have been debating the whole, wake up 45 minutes earlier every other morning to run train and do my strength training in the evenings. Seems like a reasonable way to knock out the run training right away and then get a better strength training exercise in the evening. I find that when I have to combine the two after work, I don't go as hard as I could on either one. So I would rather be able to focus every other morning on run training and then focus solely on strength training in the evening. Also, I read this great article on running in the morning and it sort of sold me on it. One problem, I am NOT a morning person but I have been working on making my bed time consistent so I could slowly work on becoming a morning person. Wish me luck!

Okay, so lets do this, weekly goals this week...

  • Clean up eating EVEN MORE. Absolutely no ice cream. No pizza. No cheat day. Just clean eating for a full 7 days.
  • Get up in the morning for run training every other day and do my strength training in the evenings after work. Go hard on BOTH. 
  • Stay off the scale until the end of the week.
  • Drink more WATER and no more sweet tea, unsweetened tea only.
Got any weekly goals? Do you run in the morning? Do you do two workouts a day?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Stuff and Things

Let's have some random Thursday fun with Kristin's kNook...

Kristin's Knook

My face is like a baby's bottom. Okay, so it isn't that perfect but it is damn close. No breakouts now for over a week. Um I will TAKE IT! Can someone tell me what I am doing right? After the unfortunate incident with acne scrub where my face basically peeled off it's first layer of skin (I am calling it how NOT to do a chemical peel), the new skin is all smooth and mostly blemish free. Either my hormones are finally balancing out or my simple approach of don't use crazy stuff on your face is actually working. I will not over-think it, I will just keep taking selfies to document how lovely it looks.

I went to the first step in becoming a foster parent last night. A three hour long orientation. First of all I was shocked by how many couples my age were there. Holy cow, that is awesome! There was this one lady though who kept talking about safe babies, basically if someone were to safely surrender their child to say a fire department no questions asked. It felt like she was cheap baby hunting. I got a little pissed by the third time she mentioned it. That is NOT what we are here for. We are here to help kids and give them a safe place till they can be reunited with their families. If they can't, then adoption is an amazing option and one I am looking forward to greatly. This isn't a discount baby store, these are kids damn it. Ugh! The steps I have to go through to become a foster parent are overwhelming to say the least. But step one, fill out application is currently under way and so is step two, buy fire extinguisher. Wish me luck!! 

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I will be signing up for a mud run in May. I am so freaking excited. Way more excited than I should be to crawl over obstacles and slosh around in mud. But hello, I LIVE for this crap and then for the shower afterwards. I better start training to run. Only 5 weeks to go. 

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After the foster orientation I went to Denny's and ate apple crisp. No shame. I think I deserved an ice cream after not rolling my eyes once during the whole three hour orientation. Come on now. I deserved it!!

I am starting to wonder where customer service went. I walked into IHop last night at 9:30 p.m. The waitress is this snotty tone said, "we close at 10:00 p.m. and we normally only take to go order this last, I just want you to know that so you can choose to leave." Um what?? I am a paying customer. All I want is a quick desert and I would have been out of your hair by 10:00 p.m. no problem but since she was so rude I walked right out. I guess that IHop waitress can afford to give up tips?? And I am a big tipper. I worked in customer service for years and I know what you deal with, but smile and do it. I am not rude unless provoked. Promise! 

Okay, those are my random Thursday thoughts!! Hope you laughed a little with me and join in on the fun!! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday

Happy hump-day. I am present and ready to share my eats. After my last run in with my doctor and finding out I was deficient on a few essentials like iron, B12 and Vitamin D, I have been attempting to add those in through my eats. I have to say, after a week of doing that, I feel so much better finally. Woot woot. I have also been working hard on reducing my processed carb intake and upping my protein intake again. I just FEEL better when I eat that way and I lose weight a lot easier. Plus ever since I reduced my carbs my skin has been behaving itself by reducing the breakouts. Which is AWESOME!!


So here are my eats...

I am obsessed with this Greek yogurt. It only has 19 grams of carbohydrates and it tastes amazing with some fresh fruit added in. It has become my favorite work breakfast.

Also for breakfast was a Kind bar. I don't like the carb count on Kind bars but there is lots of other happiness in there. Whole grains. Iron. Lots of happiness that make up for the 23 grams of carbs per service.

My before lunch snack is pistachios. I am obsessed with these beauties. I don't know why but I could eat and often do eat a whole bag to myself, of course I make it last a few days but still, YUM!

Lunch was chicken with yellow squash. I hated the chicken. Like really hated it. For some reason it tasted like it had a ton of water in it. I think I got a little spoiled by Sprouts chicken. Oh well. I dumped BBQ sauce on it and that made it a bit better.

I also added some salami for some extra protein and calories.

For an after lunch snack I grabbed these Milton's Gluten Free Multi-Grain cracker and some goat cheese. Again, the carb count doesn't make me happy (they have about 23 grams of carbs per 14 crackers) but they keep me satisfied for awhile so I don't mindlessly snack before dinner.

For dinner lately I have been eating a LOT of brussels sprouts. I am obsessed. I don't know when I started LOVING them so much but boy have I. They have so much goodness packed in them as well, including iron. I have been getting the big bag at Sprouts and going through them within a few days. But I needed to change things up so I made a steak with mixed vegetables instead. I threw some zucchini, yellow squash and butternut squash in together. It was amazingly great but not as great as brussels sprouts. I try not to eat a lot of red meat but it really has the highest iron and B12's, so I have compromised my whole eat only lean meats with throwing in a steak for dinner a few times a week.

I have been working on not snacking after dinner. The struggle is REAL!! I am keeping to about 1500-1700 calories a day. I don't want to starve myself because that doesn't do anyone any good but I also don't want to over eat my calories. Fine line, fine line. But I have been feeling better finally, so I am doing something right!!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!! Looking forward to seeing other peoples eats as well. I love getting ideas.

So what are your eats??

Monday, March 16, 2015

Get Moving

Back when I was a couch potato, it felt some days that life was just passing me by. I was sad and frustrated but also very scared of leaving the couch. On my couch no one made fun of me. I wasn't embarrassed by my sore ankles. I didn't have to ask anyone to slow down for me. I didn't have to admit that I felt like I was trapped in a foreign body. I didn't have to explain my PCOS symptoms.

Now, I am definitely more active. I would probably say that I do something active every weekend. I don't want to go back to that couch or feeling that way, so I keep moving. I was even told the other day that it is always like I am trying to cram as much exercise, fun and sun into my weekends as possible. Probably pretty accurate these days. I started tricking myself into moving by doing things that were fun for me. Things like Geocaching and photography while walking. Anything to keep me interested in continuing to move.

This weekend was no different. I invited friends to go hiking with me around my favorite lake. I even stumbled upon two rattle snakes for the first time ever. Thank gosh no one got hurt, including the dog. I was still tired and fatigued from the week long cold epidemic but I did it. Yes, I had to rest more. Yes, I was a lot more tired than I normally am. Yes, I was a little embarrassed by my red face. But in the end, I did it and had a great time. If I hadn't done it I would have missed out on a beautiful spring day next to a beautiful lake.

On Sunday there was a free day to go to a museum that was showing French art from 1890's and 1900's. As well as many other exhibits. I am in love with anything Paris and French, so sign me up. I spent a few hours walking around there and then had a picnic lunch in one of the most beautiful historical pioneer cemeteries. All I could think as I walked around taking pictures, smelling all the flowers blooming and reading the bits of history on the old graves was, if I was still on the couch, I would have missed all of this.

I would have missed out on the opportunity to have lunch in the middle of graves from the 1890's. Among senators, supreme court justices and founders of the city I now live in.

I would have missed out on the beautiful blue skies.

I would have missed out on sitting under an orange tree by a beautiful fountain with the sound of the birds singing to me.

I would have missed out on all the flowers/trees starting to bloom and having the wind rain down white petals all around me.

I would have missed walking around and seeing how lovingly people have cared for the old graves. 

Spring has become one of my most active times of the year because the temps are perfect and there is so much to do before the heat of the summers settle in, making the city unbearable. It barely costs anything to pack a lunch, grab a camera and wander around taking pictures. It barely costs anything to go for a long hike with the dogs, maybe a few bucks in gas to throw in your tank and a bit of lunch but that is about it. I stand by that every step and every little bit counts. I made a theme for 2015 and the theme has been to let go of anything the feels like it is weighing me down and embrace the things that make me feel good. So far I would say I am doing exactly that each time I choose to get off my couch and explore the world.

How do you have fun while working out?

Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Favorites

Good Morning! I was really looking forward to Friday because it has been a LOOOONNNNGGG week and it greeted me with a beautiful sunrise on my way to work.

I am at the stage in my cold where I can only breath out of one nostril at a time. Seriously, the sinus pressure is horrible but it means it is on its way out the door. So soon my whining will stop. Hopefully. I am getting a little tired of myself to be honest. I am chewing gum because it actually is helping somewhat. I just want to be able to BREATH again. Okay, enough whining. Let's move to a little...

I know I have been doing a lot of link ups this week, blame the sick germs people!! I will be back to my regularly scheduled blog next week.

Favorite Song...

I stumbled upon this while searching YouTube for new music to work out to and fell in love. She has some talent.

Favorite Recipe...

I have been obsessed with anything brussels sprouts lately. Probably because my blood test results showed I am still a bit anemic. So I have been experimenting with different ways to make them. Stumbled upon brussels sprouts with bacon and ohmygosh they were so damn good.

Favorite Work-Out...

Anything I can do with a cold?! Currently I have a walk and yoga planned tonight because it is low key enough but will also burn some calories. But when I am not sick lately my favorite workout has been...

Actually she is my favorite no matter what. She kicks my a$$ every single time! Love it!!

Favorite Purchase...

Remember how I told ya'll I just ripped my favorite PJ shorts (they were old, at least that is what I keep telling myself), well I can't live without PJ shorts so I happened to be at Target picking up a birthday card for a coworker when I found the softest and most comfortable shorts ever for $9.99. Hello, so freaking comfortable and affordable!

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Favorite Funnies...

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This is me this week.

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So very much.

Image result for beating people with a chair

Improving by a LOT.

Image result for weight loss funny

Me too.

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I am going to go with the first option.

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Can I log it in my calorie counter?

Okay, that is all for me this Friday. TGIF!!