Friday, April 17, 2015

Five Favorites Friday

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I did not think I was going to survive this week. Mostly because I have been terrible about my bed time, we are talking awake till 11 p.m. and of course I am up at 6 a.m. every morning for work, so as you can imagine, I am a bit sleep deprived. Not to mention that all the animals have insisted on sleeping with me recently. I woke up this morning to find the old dog had wedged herself by my hip, the cat was at my feet and the dachshund was under the covers curled into my stomach. Talk about your not getting any moving room. But I am here, made it, survived, so let's do a little five on five Friday to share some of these weeks favorites.

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1. I stepped on the scale yesterday and it freaking budged. Okay, it didn't budge, it dropped by 4.4 pounds, BOOM! I did a dance and wrote a blog post about it. That's how freaking excited I was to see a damn lower number for the first time in MONTHS. But this morning doubt wriggled in and I got back on the scale just to double check that I wasn't seeing things yesterday, another pound down. Whew it wasn't a fluke. I am actually starting to lose weight again. Turns out, my doctor MIGHT have been right when she told me that the minute I cleaned up my diet I would start seeing the scale budge.

2. Each evening at 8 p.m., Big Bang Theory ends, I turn off the T.V., do the dishes, feed the animals, pack my lunch and then take the dachshund outside to get a little bit of fresh air before bed. She spends the entire time she is outside sticking her face in spider webs, barking at wind, chasing spiders around licking them and trying to catch mosquito eaters with her stubby legs. It cracks me up watching how busy she is each evening and it has become our little before bed ritual.

3. I found this candle at Wal-Mart and I am burning it almost every single night. It smells so darn good.

4. I have been wearing my hair in more braids. It is finally long enough that I can braid it and it looks good. Next week I am going to try a few sideways braids just for fun and explore different hairstyles I can do with my longer hair now.

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5. The lip/cheek stain I got as a sample in my Birchbox (the little silver tube). This stuff is AWESOME! I am so loving it. I might need to buy a full size one soon! It gives my lips the perfect pinkish tint and my cheeks look fabulous as well. I am most definitely thinking I need a full size one soon.

There you have it. My five favorite things this week that are making me happy!! What are you FIVE ON FRIDAY??

Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Budge in the Scale

I have been stuck at the same weight for months now. It would blink up at me every time I stepped on the scale, mocking me. I knew why, I was stress eating, emotional eating, letting my feelings make me want to shove chocolate bunnies in my mouth. Yeah, I was working out but my eating was seriously lacking. I knew it. It was there in my doctors face when she told me to really work on eating low carb and reducing those sugars. It was there in the way my slacks weren't fitting comfortably anymore for work. It was there in the mirror when my face had somehow gotten rounder. It was there, staring at me, no amount of exercise was going to work off what I was trying to eat away.

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In this last week I have made some huge changes. These changes have been hard but incredibly they have also lifted a huge burden off my shoulders that had been sitting there weighing me down. I haven't wanted to stress eat in almost 8 days.

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I am adjusting though, struggling to get to sleep on time, struggling to drink enough water and struggling to work out. But my eating, my eating is on point. AND because of that, that number on the scale finally budged by...

4.4 pounds

Boy was I excited to see that. I did a little dance before getting dressed. The rest will fall into place eventually. I know it. I am not worried. But it just really shows me that if my eating is off, that scale will not budge. An important lesson to learn with PCOS!

I am feeling so excited, I thought I would share with you a day of eats... right now I am pretty much eating the same thing but I am really okay with it!! I try to stick to below 100 grams of carbs a day and stick to 1300-1500 calories a day. It is what works best for me and my PCOS.

Some oatmeal, a yogurt, some water with crystal light mixed in and a big ice tea for the caffeine boost in the morning.

I have discovered the best oatmeal EVER. No one is paying me to say this, I just LOVE this damn oatmeal so much right now...

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These individual packets only have 18 grams of carbs each and 100 calories. I am not kidding you. They also only take 90 seconds in a microwave and you can use the packet to measure out the water you need. I have never been so excited about oatmeal each morning before. I never used to like eating in the morning but each morning I get to my desk, pull out my oatmeal and immediately go heat up a packet for breakfast. The love for this oatmeal is STRONG!! 

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My yogurt also makes me extremely happy. First off, only a $1, um YEAH! Second off, only 80 grams of carbs and 120 calories as long as you don't branch into the fruit on the bottom or desert type yogurts. I just stick to simple flavors and triple zero, which keeps me below my carb range.  I just stumbled upon them in the dairy section one day and I have been buying them in bulk ever since. 

In between meals I snack on black olives, pistachios and cantaloupe. 

Lunch lately has been roasted vegetables with kielbasa sausage. On Sunday I roasted a bunch of random vegetables, butternut squash, mini eggplants and mini bell peppers. I just tossed them in the oven in bigger chunks at 375 degrees with some seasoning and olive oil. Then I sauteed some kielbasa to add in and voila LUNCH.

I was a little worried about hating it the second day in but actually I am still loving it. Roasted veggies taste so much better than steamed any day of the week. I will be doing this until I get sick of it. 

Dinner is usually a protein and some vegetables. On Sunday I made a HUGE batch of the most amazing ribs you have ever tasted in your life (recipe to come soon) and ate those literally for 3 nights of dinner with a few ears of corn. Last night I finally ran out and made two nights worth of salsa chicken with Brussels sprouts. My new trick is to cook a couple dinners in one sitting so that the next night I don't have to cook again. Trust me, it helps a lot for those nights that I am just exhausted. Not to mention, no dishes the second night, BAM efficient! 

So there are my eats lately. Nothing fancy, all good simple food. I am really enjoying eating healthy. Last night I debated going out to grab something real quick because after running a bunch of errands I didn't want to cook. But I have been feeling so much better, so instead, I just cooked up the salsa chicken and steamed some Brussels sprouts. It was definitely the better choice. I am learning to enjoy the process of cooking and picking out fresh food. I never understood how much I actually like cooking and knowing all the ingredients that went into my food. It makes a difference! 

Image result for clean eating quotes

Image result for clean eating quotes

Image result for clean eating quotes

Image result for clean eating quotes

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Show Us Your Books

Oh CRAP! I am late to the party!! I had so much going on yesterday I completely forgot to press publish on my Show Us Your Books post. Better late than never though.

It is my favorite Tuesday of the month.. Show Us Your Books with Stephanie at Life According to Stephanie and Jana Says. As always, you can follow me on GoodReads, I am usually really good about rating all the books I read!!

Life According to Steph

I read a lot more fluff this month and not so many dark or serious books. Well after February's reads who can blame me?? So let's go.. March's reads...

1. The Magicians Elephant by Kate DiCamillo

The Magician's Elephant

I don't know if you have ever done this, but I got this book on my kindle and turns out it was a kids book. Not like a picture book but one for older kids, 8-9 or one you would read out-loud to your toddler. I kept reading it thinking.. damn this writing style is so simple and then it hit me, bam, I was reading a kids book. But still, it was a good book for anyone with kids.

2. My Fair Lazy: One Reality Television Addict's Attempt to Discover If Not Being A Dumb Ass Is the New Black, or, a Culture-Up Manifesto by Jen Lancaster

My Fair Lazy: One Reality Television Addict's Attempt to Discover If Not Being A Dumb Ass Is the New Black, or, a Culture-Up Manifesto

It was funny. Parts of it. But I felt it dragged on a bit. She could have cut the book in half and it would have been perfect. It was more of a rambling story about how she wanted to improve herself. Not bad. Not great.

3. The Red Garden by Alice Hoffman

The Red Garden

I really loved Alice Hoffman's The Museum of Extraordinary Things, so I have been ordering more of her books to read and this one came across my radar. It was a great read. It wove the present and past together in such a beautiful tale. There was some shocking violence but there was some in her other book as well, but even those horrible parts were so well written I couldn't stop reading.

4. Better Read Than Dead by Victoria Laurie

Better Read Than Dead (Psychic Eye Mystery, #2)

I am actually liking this series. I started by reading the first book last month and this month I read the second book (third book is still on hold at the library). The books are fun and simple to read. This book the author was able to find her stride a little more and she stopped over explaining the mundane details. Plus she threw in a lot more action.

5. Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen

Garden Spells (Waverley Family, #1)

Last month I read Lost Lake and decided to give this author's other books a try. Someone suggested this book and oh my gosh I am so glad they did. I fell in love with this book, the characters, the stories, the apple tree in the garden. I simply wanted to continue to read about this family and their lives. I couldn't put it down. The author weaves little bits of magic into each story, if you don't pay attention you will miss it but I absolutely love how she does it. Like magic is just an every day thing. I can't wait for the second book!!

6. Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

Practical Magic

I thought I would get this book because I LOVE the movie but I was so horribly disappointed. It was nothing like the movie, the characters weren't even similar to the movie and the whole story line was changed obviously. Which happens but in this case I hated the books story line and love the movies. So I stopped reading half way through and gave up.

7. The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen

The Peach Keeper

Another beautiful book by Sarah Addison Allen. I am devouring her books lately because I just love her writing style and her characters. She even included some characters from Garden Spells. Again she weaves magic into all her tales and they always end with the guy getting the girl. My kind of story.

8. Shit My Dad Says by Justin Halpern

Sh*t My Dad Says

My husband read this before I did and he would laugh so hard at each chapter. So I was pretty excited to pick it up as well. It was hilarious. The dad is a unique guy who is some parts tough love and some parts gentle fun loving dad. He also has a sarcastic streak to him and is brutally honest. Funny. Very funny.

9. The Girl Who Chased The Moon by Sarah Addison Allen

The Girl Who Chased the Moon

Are you detecting a theme here? When I get stuck on a really good author I will read as many books as I can. Again, I loved this book. The writing was amazing. The story was lovely and the characters were enjoyable to read about. Also her mother's secret completely threw me, I wasn't expecting that!

10. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl

I had resisted reading this book for a long time but everyone kept raving about it, so I caved. I guess I am the oddball here because I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. The beginning started off so slow and dull I almost stopped reading but everyone told me to continue till the middle. So I did and finally the story picked up with a lovely twist. But the characters were horrible, you hated every single one of them from beginning to end. It left me with a sick feeling in my stomach thinking about the horrible things humans are capable of, which I am sure was the point. But I just felt it was too long and far too crazy for my liking. Maybe I have been reading too much Sarah Addison Allen.

Okay, those were the reads for March. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has been reading as well!